Monday, March 31, 2008

Reading Faceoff: Classics Edition

I've been avoiding a few big-time classics for awhile, mainly because they are so long.

I've decided to buck up and read at least one of them, and, since I'm so bad at making decisions, I thought I'd leave it up to you. With that I bring you Reading Faceoff, Round One: Classics Edition. Voting ends in two days, so vote now! Feel free to comment to further explain your choice.

UPDATE: Voting is closed! I didn't mean to delete the poll, but I did and I guess life just sucks, doesn't it? Take my word for it: Anna Karenina won, with a whopping (not really whopping, but I like the word) 40% of the vote.

I don't expect to have finish it too too soon...procrastination is still my forte, and I've been putting this one off for years. So, expect a post on it...soonish.


Sarah G said...

Even though I was an English major, I feel like I've scraped by without reading so many of the classics. So, I voted for Anna Karenina just because I have it on my shelf and have been meaning to read it - and it would be inspiring to watch someone else read it too! Good luck with whatever you choose.

bibliophylia said...

I voted for The Brothers Karamazov. I read it in philosophy class in college, and it is so rich and complex. I highly recommend it. Anna Karenina was ok. I probably should reread it.