Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank God this was free

Larryisms: Book One
Larry John

For the record, Larry John seems like a nice guy. He seems like the type who could swig back a few beers, tell a few stories, and eat so much off the grill that you feel like an anorexic supermodel standing next to him. And to that I say: Bravo, Larry John.

However, a good drinking buddy does not a good author make, so I’m just gonna call this one like I see it right from the get-go: at best, this is a bathroom book, plain and simple. At worst, well, it’s a waste of money, but I got it for free, so no worries on my end.

I received Larryisms (Book One, mind you) as part of LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer program. It’s a short book, filled with the wit and wisdom of one Larry John, a self-proclaimed “pragmatic thinker.” On his website, Larry defines the pragmatic thinker as “a person who observes oneself, other people and the issues of the world around them, as ‘practically’ as possible.” Larry intends Larryisms: Book One as an introduction to this philosophy. Larry further explains that “applying the philosophy of pragmatic thinking to your business life as well as your personal life will enable you to more fully understand your day to day existence and enjoy what life has to offer.”

Wow! I’m all about enjoying life and understanding my everyday existence. Let’s dive in.

Hm. Larry wonders, “Do we really have to get along?” Deep.

Now he offers, “People are so overrated.” So true.

Later, he ponders, “Solitude is hard to find even when you’re alone.” Preach it, brother!

Now consider this question for the ages: “Even when it is totally dark you still have to close your eyes to sleep. Why is that?” Yes, why is that? It’s an impenetrable mystery, I know. Perhaps one day anatomists will be able to solve the mystery of the eyelid.

Multiply these deep thoughts by about 100 and now you have Larryisms. I’m glad Larry is very pro-thinking – thinking seems to be a dying art these days – but I’m not sure what I would have thought had I paid 15 bucks for this book.

In a nutshell: Great for when you're feeling a little backed up ... but Book One?!? May the Fates save us from Book Two.

Bibliolatry Scale: 1 out of 6 stars


Lesley said...

Dude, you made me choke on my coffee with that eyelid comment. I don't think I could even bear wasting valuable bathroom time on this, not that I'm a bathroom reader, myself. I'm more of a get in and get out kinda gal. Betcha wanted to know that, huh?

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

like your take here....hahahaha...did he provide some answers to his questions?

Bibliolatrist said...

Nana Fredua-Agyeman: NO. He just posed such "deep" questions; he didn't attempt to answer them. I suppose I should be thankful for the little things, eh?