Saturday, June 09, 2007

A post dedicated to THE BEST BAND EVER

10,000 Days, Tool (2006)
Lateralus, Tool (2001)
Aenima, Tool (1996)
Undertow, Tool (1993)
Opiate, Tool (1992)

In honor of my attending tonight's Tool show, I thought a post dedicated to THE BEST BAND EVER was in order.

Despite having seen Tool several times already, my excitement for tonight's show is unparalleled -- except for that time I won backstage passes to meet A Perfect Circle and I was so nervous I drank an entire bottle of wine so that I wouldn't make a fool of myself (interesting logic, I know). Unfortunately, my plan backfired on several points, since (1) I was unable to make it to the bathroom in time [rattling car + potholed city + 750 ml cabernet sauvignon = much physical pain], causing my personal humiliation when (2) my friends were forced to stand around me (for "privacy") in a parking lot (oh the horror) before racing several blocks to the venue in order to meet only 4/5 of the band, since to my utter chagrin and despair, (3) Maynard didn't appear (and who could blame him, if I were Maynard I wouldn't want to meet me either, even though I am pretty foxy) and so all my worry was for nought. Good times.

Now, I am older and wiser and drink my wine for snob value instead of nerves. See: that's growth.


I swear Danny Carey's hiding four extra arms


Matt said...

Tool. Now there is a band I was a bit surprised to read about on a litblog... I have not listened to them much, but I did enjoy Aenima once upon a time when I borrowed it from a friend. I haven't followed them much but it does seem to me that the lead singer, Maynard, is a strange guy.

Matt said...

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the concert. I love a good show.