Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oversharing Meme

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a good meme, and I couldn't ignore this one I found over at So Many Books.

Here we go.

1. Name the singer/band/performer you are most embarrassed to admit you actually paid good money to see in concert.

My first concert was quite embarrassing, although my mother paid for it, not me. It was the Monkees reunion tour, and I was dismayed to see that Davy Jones was not as young as I had thought he was. It was still a good concert – although my most vivid memory from that night is of the girl who sat in front of me: she had a braid in her hair and annoyingly bobbed her head to EVERY. SINGLE. song. Plus, she blocked my view of the stage. Stupid bobbing head.

2. Which reality TV show have you watched more than once (come on. I don’t believe you if you say “none,” unless you don’t own a TV)?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I LOVE reality TV. It’s a stain on my character, I know, but it’s hard for me to turn away from a good reality show. Currently I’m enjoying So You Think You Can Dance?.

3. Which complete trash novelist have you not only read but enjoyed enough to read more than one book of his/hers?

This is a tough one. I’m not sure I can answer it. Maybe Jodi Picoult? I’ve only read one book by her, but I’d read another (although I wouldn't pay for her). I’m not sure she classifies as “trashy” but it’s the closest I can come. Ooh - maybe Anne Rice? She's trashy, what with all those bi-curious vampires running around with their long nails and hair. (For the record, it's the long nails that always grossed me out. It's just so unnecessary. JUST LOOK AT THEM.)

4. What sappy musical could you watch over and over and over again?

I can honestly say I’m not a big fan of musicals. Well, at least not any that have come out in recent memory. I’m a sucker for The Sound of Music, though. I always wanted to be a Von Trapp. Does The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Last Unicorn count as musicals? Probably not.

5. Who was your first celebrity crush?

See #1, since I think Davy Jones was it. I was about 8, and little did I know that the television program I was watching was, in fact, a rerun of a show whose heyday was about twenty-ish years earlier. He was dreamy, though. That bowl cut got me every time.

6. Who is the most embarrassing celebrity on whom you have a slight crush today?

Lil Wayne and James McAvoy. I’m don't get it either. I guess I'm a woman of many contradictions.

7. What movie that everyone else and his cousin and even his dog has seen have you never seen?

A TON. I’ve never seen The Godfather (or any of its sequels), Schindler’s List, Scarface, Saving Private Ryan, any of the Saw franchise; the list goes on and on. I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing all the way through, nor have I watched all of Pretty Woman, either.

Movies bore me, since I feel glued to the screen for at least two hours and I can’t do anything else while I’m watching it. Movies kinda make me feel like I’m slowly dying, since I’m passively watching minutes tick away while not doing anything productive, like surfing the internet and checking my site stats.

How’s that for a downer?


8. What were you drinking the first time you ever got drunk?

Either a 40 of Old English or bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. I rolled tough back in the day. Maybe that explains my current crush on Wheezy? Hm.

9. Which old re-run will you still pause to watch if you’re flicking through the channels and see that it’s on?

I don't usually watch reruns, because what's the point, really? But I still love Seinfeld reruns, and even some old Buffy episodes when I find them. I love Blind Date reruns, too. I'm sure there's others, but I generally ignore TV and film - the internet is my biggest time-waster.

10. What book/movie/t.v. show that only a fifteen-year-old would think is funny makes you laugh?

Silly movies, like Shaun of the Dead, Super Troopers, Half Baked, etc. always make me laugh. Naked by David Sedaris sends me into convulsions. I'm sure there's been others but it's difficult for me to remember.


JRH456 said...

I love So You Think You Can Dance- A bit of a reality junkie here. Also, I need help with some book shopping check out the blog and let me know what I should and shouldn't buy!

Heather Johnson said...

Ok, I really like this one!

1 - sad to say, I never when to concerts as a kid/teen so I can't answer this one

2 - completely addicted to Survivor, Amazing Race, and Deadliest Catch

3 - not sure of the author, but as a teen I read the readers digest condensed books and really loved the ones with lots of sleeping around (you know, typical teen hormones!)

4 - Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers ... ok, just about all the musicals!

5 - Jonathan from New Kids on the Block

6 - I'd guess that this is embarrassing b/c no one I know finds this guy attractive, but I really like Finbarr Clancy of The High Kings. I think he's sexy and his voice gives me chills. (Click here to see what he looks like.)

7 - until last month I would have said "The Breakfast Club" but my husband finally made me watch it (and no, I didn't like it)

8 - a whole TONS of sour apple shooters

9 - Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, probably others too

10 - ok, maybe not a teen show but a kids show - The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ... my son likes it, and I actually find myself watching it even when he's not around ... now THAT'S embarrassing!

Bibliolatrist said...

Heather: Joey from NKOTB was my favorite after Davy Jones.

And I can't believe I forgot Christopher Pike for #3!

stefanie said...

I went to a Donny and Marie concert when I was in third grade. I was not embarrassed by that though because it made me the coolest kid in my class. I know what you mean about movies. I feel the same way. My husband can watch the same one over and over, something I've never been able to understand.

another good thing said...

Oh yes. we are kindred spirits. Love your silly movie pix and re-runs--- exactly.
Love SYTYCD and alot of the home shows, though was dismayed to meet a girl whose brother was "staged" as a guest on Hell's Kitchen-- so much for reality. And yup, I drank the MD2020 too.

Julie said...

Ha ha, I also love the title of this meme.

I got drunk for the first time on ouzo -- raided from my friend's parents' liquor cabinet of course. Soooo gross.

Sappy musicals? Oh where do I start. The King and I, maybe. Or Oklahoma. My all time favorite musical is Singin in the Rain but that doesn't count because it's not sappy.

J.S. Peyton said...

LOL!! I heard there were people out there who had crushes on Lil Wayne, I just didn't believe it. He's talented certainly, but attractive? Hmmm...

My guy feels the same as you about movies and tv. However, he does roll his eyes whenever I watch yet another episode of "Seinfeld." Again? he asks. = ) Lol. What can I say - I can't help myself.