Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bibliolatrist (quasi) revealed!

Plenty to review, but I'm raging against the dying of the summer and spending time at my computer just does not sound good to me now. Instead, I dicked around aimlessly and created a virtual self (thanks, Stefanie).

Do I actually look like this? Kinda sorta not really. My face is a little off, although my hair's pretty good (needs some highlights, though). I dress like this (when I leave my house) and I suppose my figure is the same, although I didn't really have a say in that.

So yes, this is a cop-out of a post. Oh well.


Stephanie said...

This is pretty cool! We just got back from Florida and it was like 1000 degrees in the shade, so sitting in the house a few days is fine with me! I'm trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs!

I do have to say, I almost spit my Diet Pepsi when I saw the Dora toy, though! Too Funny!

stefanie said...

Isn't that a fun toy to play with? I didn't see the reading animation! And I love your background.